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Armed gang robs Neill’s Hill Brasserie in east Belfast

Neill's Hill Brasserie

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Staff at Neill’s Hill Brasserie were threatened at gunpoint and forced to lie on the floor

A gang of armed men have robbed a restaurant in east Belfast.

Up to five men burst into the Neill’s Hill Brasserie on Upper Newtownards Road at 00:30 BST on Saturday, shortly after the restaurant had closed.

The gang threatened workers, including the manager who is pregnant, and forced them to lie on the floor. They escaped on foot with cash.

Staff say at least three of the men were carrying guns. Police have appealed for information.

Alliance MP Naomi Long said it was “disgraceful that a local business which has recently invested heavily in the area has been targeted in this manner”.

DUP assembly member Robin Newton said the robbery of the restaurant, formerly known as Aldens, was “another scandalous attack on an east Belfast business”.

Ulster Unionist MLA Michael Copeland said: “It is an absolute disgrace that a local business providing employment and entertainment should be attacked and robbed by a gang of armed thugs.”

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