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No Politics, Just People.

MLA for East Belfast
Castlereagh Central Councillor
Belfast, Northern Ireland

Biography: Michael was born in 1954, he was educated and has worked and lived in the Castlereagh district of East Belfast for almost his entire life.He has worked in the Construction and Allied trades industry as a Company and Managing Director. He also served in the Ulster Defence Regiment.

Michael is married to Sonia who served in the Royal Ulster Constabulary before being honourably discharged following a serious injury. Sonia, who is also a member of the Ulster Unionist Party is currently Secretary of the East Belfast Association, as well as her branch in Castlereagh Central, of which Michael is Chairman. She also recently served as Election Agent to six candidates in the 2011 Assembly and Council elections.

Together they have two children: Sarah, who works in community development and Matthew, who has just finished a degree at Queens University and intends to follow a career in medicine after further study.

Michael has served as an Member of the Legislative Assembly (MLA) in the past and has a reputation for being a dedicated and extremely hard working elected representative. Michael currently sits on the Public Accounts Committee and Department for Social Development committee, along with being the Party spokesman for Social Development and Parading. He is also a member of four All-Party groups which seek to address specific areas of concern; including Mental Health, Disability, Co-operatives and Mutuals, and the Community and Voluntary Sectors.

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