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Jim Rodgers, OBE

No Politics, Just People.

Belfast City Councillor for Victoria
Former Lord Mayor of Belfast
Belfast, Northern Ireland

Biography: Formerly a Chief Executive of a Training Organisation, Jim Rogers OBE, is an Ulster Unionist councillor for the Victoria DEA on Belfast City Council, having first been elected in 1993. Like his party colleague, Lord Reg Empey, Jim has twice served as Lord Mayor of Belfast from 2001-2002 and 2007-2008, whilst also serving as Deputy Lord Mayor once.

At present Jim serves on the Parks and Leisure, Licensing, Town Planning, Audit, Historic Centenaries and Housing committees. He is also a board member of Sport Northern Ireland and Libraries Northern Ireland whilst a former chairman of the Belfast Education and Library Board and an ex-director of Glentoran FC.

Jim’s vision is to provide the best services possible for all ratepayers and to bring the community together.

To speak with Jim, please contact 07801 882478 or email at

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