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Michael Copeland MLA has hailed news that draft legislation for a Tenant Deposit Scheme in Northern Ireland will be brought before the Assembly before the summer recess as an example of Ulster Unionist delivery on the floor of the Assembly.

Michael, who brought a motion on the issue to the Assembly said:

Tenant deposits being withheld by landlords is something that has affected many people in Northern Ireland. The Ulster Unionist Party highlighted the gross unfairness of a situation which led to many facing deep financial implications when we emphasised the issue on the floor of the Assembly in January.

We called for a scheme which would see tenants deposits held by an independent third party and we are glad to see that this is expected to be what is proposed in the draft legislation. This will be very welcome news to anyone living in privately rented accommodation as it will safeguard their deposits from being withheld unfairly.

I look forward to seeing the draft legislation coming before the Assembly and I and my Party will be giving it the appropriate scrutiny to ensure that it will provide an effective solution to the current set up

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