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Copeland urges East Belfast Greenway project be delivered without further delay

East Belfast Ulster Unionist MLA Michael Copeland has described the news that the contract to deliver the Connswater Greenway Plan has been terminated, as extremely disappointing.

Mr Copeland said: “The important thing was, is and will remain, the delivery of this programme on the Greenway as quickly as possible. People may well ask what went wrong? The truth is it does not really matter. All efforts must now be directed towards the completion of this project and associated flood alleviation works. This is a flagship project which appears to have been holed below the waterline. Whatever happened has happened and must be consigned to history. This project must now be delivered without further delay.”

Mr Copeland together with party colleagues has a long history of association with the Comber Greenway and recently received assurances from the Minister of Agriculture and Rural Development relating to East Belfast flooding. This question can be seen at the following link on CopelandTV: Copeland Quizzes Minister on East Belfast Flood Relief

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