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East Belfast UUP Association

No Politics, Just People.

The East Belfast Ulster Unionist Association is hard working and dedicated organisation that seeks to promote East Belfast, Ulster Unionism and the local community. Chaired by Kay Clarke, it regularly partakes in meetings, social events and canvassing as part of its commitment to bring politics down from the hill.

The Association is also actively seeking new members from across the community.

Anyone who wants to play an active role in politics, wants to influence decision making and even stand for election under the banner of the Ulster Unionist Party are encouraged to join. To learn more about the benefits of membership simply ring our Association Secretary, Mrs Sonia Copeland on 07766 251609. Alternatively to learn more about what is happening in East Belfast and how the UUP are serving you, simply go to and like our dedicated East Belfast Advice Centre Facebook page at the following link:

Michael Copeland’s East Belfast UUP Advice Centre.

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