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It is important that we begin to explore the potential for developing a green energy sector with the aim of becoming a leader among UK regions. As an indicator, this would see us move from assembling wind turbines to manufacturing them. The Ulster Unionist Party are committed to the Green New Deal and we want to see Northern Ireland becoming less dependent on imported fossil fuels and make better use of our diverse natural environment through the promotion of wind, solar, waste, biomass and tidal energy.

We Will:

      • Support an all-inclusive review by 2014 of the River Basin Local Management Areas in Northern Ireland to ensure that they comply with the requirements of the European Water Framework Directive
      • Promote more sustainable lifestyles in local communities through the use of ecological foot printing techniques
      • Raise awareness and understanding of the benefits of and opportunities of bioenergy and anaerobic energy including the publication of a Northern Ireland bio-energy strategy in mid-2013
      • A cross-departmental plan to ensure that appropriate provisions are in place to oversee the gritting of public footpaths and private roads by winter 2011
      • A purposeful National Parks Bill which takes into account the concerns of those which it may most affect
      • Introduce legislation by 2014 which puts right the current inadequacies in the regulations governing aspects of the ownership of private properties which comprise part of multi-unit developments
      • Review the application process with the goal to speed it up, to maximise the funding opportunity offered by research innovation FP7
      • Through a Northern Ireland Marine Bill, enhance marine nature conservation provisions including an efficient system of Marine Spatial Planning that is based on sustainable development principles with the environment at its heart
      • Further promote environmental education
      • A review of the Northern Ireland Environmental Agency in order to make it more representative of the ambitions and concerns of those which it most frequently encounters
      • Introduce a statuary requirement on Local Councils to provide a sufficient number of allotments I areas where private land owners are not in the position to do so
      • Enhance the transparency and robustness of the processes currently in place which oversee the storage and disposal of used tyres in Northern Ireland
      • Pursue the opportunities which Green New Deal
      • Review the support mechanisms currently in place for private owners of listed buildings
      • Review PPS6 so that developers, as well as members of the public, achieve full benefit from all archaeological excavations
      • Further develop the interaction between the Department of Environment and the European Commission to investigate the possibility of the drawdown of EU support for the development of local freshwater projects
      • Introduce a levy on carrier bags from April 2013
      • An evaluation of all the publically owned land currently under the tenure of statutory bodies
      • Promote and support social housing development which meets renewable energy targets, as well as predetermined thresholds of energy efficiency

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