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No Politics, Just People.

We in the Ulster Unionist Party wish to ensure that those trusted with caring for those in community develop co-ordinated, effective, accessible and timely response mechanisms for those seeking help

We Will be Seeking to:

    • Reduce Northern Ireland’s rate of non-attendance at hospital appointments to 5% by 2015 by introducing a patient reminder system, using the potential offered by SMS technology
    • Issue guidance with annual targets to all GP’s encouraging the prescribing of generic drugs
    • Develop the relationship between GP’s and Local Commissioning Groups
    • Further expand that provision of supported and independent living for those suffering from mental health
    • Implement the Bamford recommendations in full within the 10-15 year timescale it suggested for reforming and modernising the relevant services. This will require a cross-departmental approach
    • Reduce the levels of suicide in Northern Ireland by directing the necessary resources to wherever they are most needed
    • Achieve results in tackling teen pregnancy through greater education and awareness raising programmes in Northern Ireland’s schools
    • Carry out an annual review of free prescriptions in order to identify any potential areas of abuse
    • Reduce the number of deaths from cardiovascular disease in the under 75’s by at least half by 31 December 2021
    • Demonstrable appreciation of the importance of investment in early years programmes
    • Reduce hospital costs by offering services which enable patients to remain at home
    • Introduce legislation to ban smoking in cars with children by 2012
    • Ensure that by 2012 all Health and Social Care trusts are meeting a target of having 90% of their payments made within 30 days
    • Continue to resource the vital work of family support interventions assisting vulnerable families
    • Review the role which the independent healthcare sector plays in caring for older and vulnerable people in Northern Ireland.
    • Investigate the opportunities which equity release and annuity loans offer in meeting the growing demographic needs of an increasing elderly population
    • Investigate how people can continue to live in rural areas but still get access to healthcare services in their local community, with specific attention being given to telemedicine
    • Comprehensively study how to obtain a better understanding of the health needs of people living in rural areas of Northern Ireland followed up by the introduction of a Rural Health Promotion Strategy targeted which would tackle a range of issues from obesity to isolation
    • Make a steadfast commitment to the existence of the Public Health Agency and the role it plays in addressing ill health

Part VII- Infrastructure

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