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We Will be Seeking to:

    • Maintain, manage, and improve the road network so that 65% of the motorway and trunk road network is in satisfactory structural condition, and that by March 2015 journey times on key transport corridors reduce by 2.5% compared with 2003
    • Continue our support for the Comber Greenway in unison with the work of colleague, Reg Empey in the House of Lords
    • Maintain a high quality of drinking water and improve compliance with waste water standards by investing £600m in water and sewerage infrastructure
    • Invest £Xm in a programme of measures to bring about modal shift to more sustainable modes of travel and to achieve an annual average of 77 million passenger journeys by public transport
    • Bring forward a Regional Aviation Strategy which protects both local residents and the regional economy
    • By 2015, 36% of primary school pupils and 22% of secondary school pupils should be walking or cycling to school
    • Fully utilising Project Kelvin in order to give us an advantage in attracting businesses to Northern Ireland
    • Tackle disadvantage through concessionary fares on public transport, disability transport programme and investment in public transport priority measures such as the Belfast on the Move project
    • Development of an Active Travel Strategy to promote walking and cycling
    • Broaden out the focus of sustainable development away from urban areas
    • Use publicly provided transport (community buses, health service vehicles) to transport young children to provision within two miles of their homes.
    • Ensure free on street car parking to help local traders in towns across Northern Ireland.
    • Upgrade Belfast to Londonderry Railway line with aim of providing hourly intercity railway services in each direction
    • Continue to invest in major road infrastructure projects including A2 Greenisland to Carrickfergus road, Sydenham By-Pass, Westlink and A26 Frosses Road
    • Lobby European authorities on review of TEN T network in Northern Ireland
    • Review roll of railways in provision of freight transport with aim of achieving higher number of freight journeys by rail

Part VIII- Justice

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