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No Politics, Just People.

In relation to youth justice, the Ulster Unionist Party are fully aware that contact with the criminal justice system can have disastrous effects for young people and often leads to persistence in offending behaviour. Whilst there is an obvious need for the most serious offending to be dealt with using prosecution and/or custody, the majority of low level crime amongst children and young people can be dealt with outwith of the criminal justice system.

We Will be Also be Seeking to:

    • Reduce the levels of offending and reoffending
    • Support the PSNI in advancing and improving confidence in community policing throughout Northern Ireland as measured by the Northern Ireland Crime Survey
    • Establish a new police, fire and rescue service and police service training centre
    • Decrease the prevalence of human trafficking in Northern Ireland by the end of this Assembly mandate
    • Build on the recent roll out of the Multi-Agency Risk Assessment Conferences (MARAC) by implementing Independent Domestic Violence Advisors (IDVA’s) and Domestic Violence Protection Orders (DVPO’s)
    • Bring forward a Victims Strategy which ensures that there are consistent standards of service for victims with more attention is afforded to those most in need
    • Department of Justice to work collegiately with DFP to facilitate an outcome to the civil service equal pay dispute
    • Tackle the cost and inefficiency associated with avoidable delay within the Criminal Justice System
    • Facilitate a closer working relationship between the Criminal Justice Agencies such as seen in the Criminal Justice Delivery Board
    • Changes in the relationship between the Public Prosecution Service and the Police Service of Northern Ireland to ensure incidents of low level crime do not proceed to court at great expense to the public purse
    • Progress a more transparent and consistent approach to sentencing
    • Bring forward proposals to lift the ban on filming in law courts by 2013 to improve transparency around judicial decision making
    • Improve public confidence in the criminal justice system as measured in the Northern Ireland Crime Survey
    • Improve access to justice through improvements to criminal and civil legal aid as well as those with limited or no recourse to public funds
    • Improve and simplify the legislative framework on Bail
    • Drive forward the Prison Reform Programme recommendations
    • Implement the recommendations of the Youth Justice Review Team
    • Effectively deal with the issues of the past through the removal of powers of historical inquiry from the Police Ombudsman’s Office to other processes agreed by meaningful political engagement
    • Set up a process whereby storytelling about the past can be facilitated and recorded for those who feel they want to partake in this
    • Ensure compliance to European Court of Human Rights rulings on the issues of retention of DNA and fingerprints as well as sexual offender notification requirements in a balanced manner whilst maintaining effective and adequate police powers
    • Address the inequality around the appointment of a Justice Minister by 01/05/12 when the current provisions are due to run out
    • Identify European funding to maximise opportunities in this area

Part IX- Shared Future

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