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Tears, disbelief and heartbreak of flooding victims

Lesley-Anne McKeown and Anna Maguire hear the horror stories of people left devastated by flooding

Donna McDowell

(36) from Hillsborough Drive, east Belfast

“The water came up from under the house. You could hear a waterfall coming through the air vents and it came up through the floor boards. The water was running into the hallway. It was really bad.

“We had a few sandbags from the last time there was flooding. There is nothing you can really do except build up the sandbags and hope it doesn’t rain.

“My husband and I had been trying to contact the authorities all day but nobody — except the MLA Michael Copeland — has come out to do anything.”

Paddy McGuigan

(67) from Glasvey Court, Twinbrook,Lisburn

“That’s my living room and bathroom carpets in the front garden and my bedroom carpet is out the back.

“I have thrown out two settees as well.

“People are asking me where I’ll stay tonight. I don’t even know what I’ll do in the next hour.”

Neill Decodts (34), from Hillsborough Drive, Belfast

“I had water coming in through the vents of the house. We were about one inch away from disaster when the rain stopped.

“The sandbags were dropped at the end of the street — there was one 81-year-old woman who was told she would have to go and carry them back herself.”

Marie Fox (50) from Glasvey Court, Twinbrook, Lisburn

“I have severe asthma and an associated condition.

“I went to the dole to get a crisis loan. I need bed clothes — but they said it’s up to Belfast City Council. I do not know what I’m going to do. The house is gutted. I have no insurance.”

Sam Massey (31) from Merok Crescent, Belfast

“The problem is that we are at the bottom of the hill. The water was flowing like a torrent through the house.

“My children are two years old and four months old.

“They were kept up the stairs for most of the evening but then a friend and I had to take them out of the house.”

Claire Robinson (39) Principal of St Luke’s Primary School, Twinbrook

“It will cost at least 100,000 to sort out this damage. There’s raw sewage on the carpets and out in the (school) yard.

“Interactive white boards, a laptop, carpets and requisition equipment — pens and exercise books- for September that we spent 3,000 on — are all destroyed.”

Philip Blakely (40) from Merok Crescent, east Belfast

“We are walking raw sewage into the house but Castlereagh Borough Council say that cleaning the road is not their remit. So I contacted Roads Service who said if it is sewage that’s to be dealt with by NI Water. I have phoned the floodline and was just given more numbers to phone. The agencies are just passing the buck. I am going round in circles.”

Jacqui Lowey

Owner of Halo hairdressing salon on Castlereagh Road, east Belfast

“We had a full book of clients who we have had to turn away. We are working flat out trying to clean the place so that we can re-open. We have bills and wages still to pay.

“It was horrendous. We actually had to wade through the water and waste to get into the salon and lift all the electrical equipment.”

Shannon Brown (21) from Trim and Tone Tanning Salon, Castlereagh Road, east Belfast

“The whole salon has been affected. We have had to close and don’t know when we’ll be able to open — I would say it will be next week anyway. The whole floor has been damaged right the way through the salon.

“It is so worrying. We are now all worried for our jobs.

“The water was just gushing through the whole place, it was coming in through the wall of the toning room and everything.”

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