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Vulnerable Persons

No Politics, Just People.

Vulnerable Person Policies:

        Reduce fuel poverty considerably among households which include the elderly, the disabled or children by 2015 and entirely by 2018.

We believe that:

    • Maintain the Warm Homes Scheme whilst rolling out a full Boiler Replacements Scheme by Spring 2013
    • Carry out a total review of the effectiveness of the Northern Ireland Funding Database by Spring 2012
    • Move towards the automatic payment of pension credits
    • Significantly reduce the level of homelessness due to unavailability of suitable accommodation, as well as produce and implement a cross-departmental Homelessness Strategy by Spring 2012
    • Continue to fund Neighbourhood Renewal schemes beyond 2011, as well as enhancing the provisions for small pockets of deprivation within the scheme
    • Issue guidance to paying agencies to enable them to identify cost-effective ways of generating relevant information in order for statuary bodies to obtain reliable benefit uptake estimates
    • Ensure that data-sharing protocols between all benefit-paying agencies are finalised by June 2012
    • Extend outreach activities to educate people, most particularly pensioners, about benefits eligibility
    • Introduce a new system of assessing future demand for social housing
    • Place greater weighting on the development of integrated or mixed social housing whilst also promoting, through planning and land use policy, mixed tenure and income development.
    • Ensure that future policies for allocation of social housing include a reference to expressing preference for shared living
    • Develop new flexible tenures by introducing new products, particularly rent to buy and home buy leaseholds
    • Build effective working relationships with lending institutions to promote lending policies which support first time buyers
    • Raise and implement higher standards in existing social housing, particularly with regard to environmental, health and safety, and waste management issues
    • Extend the development roles of the Housing Associations to include private provision with a view to increasing investment through cross-subsidy
    • Introduce a dependably funded Mortgage Rescue Scheme by mid-2012
    • Promote greater community and resident involvement in the management and regulation of social and private rented housing
    • Ensure that the health and social care sector works with other statuary agencies to meet the needs of the most vulnerable people in society; particularity the destitute and homeless
    • Find a permanent resolution to the public benefit dispute within the Northern Ireland Charities Act by January 2012 leading to the full publication of the register of charities by the end of 2011

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